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Level1Telecom is a leading hosted VoIP service provider offering world class Business VoIP and Hosted PBX systems at reasonable rates, worldwide.For more information's feel free to contact us
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Commited to Excellence

Our commitment to excellence extends to every customer, from the smallest start-up businesses to the largest call centers. Level1Telecom is made up of a dedicated team of highly skilled professionals working with the industries best technologies to provide the uncompromising quality businesses need to stay competitive in the fast paced modern world. Let’s work together to produce a better tomorrow

Affordable Solutions

Our hosted PBX system is an affordable solution for any business requiring a full feature business telephone system. Hosted PBX solutions allow you to have a hassle-free multiple line phone system with all the features you’d expect from a modern business phone system. Our network allows you to easily connect all your employees and clients to each other in a seamless, easy to use system which can be accessed from any telephone

Dedicated Team

Level1Telecom has a dedicated team of engineers and technicians working to ensure your hosted PBX system is always fully functional and ready when you need it. Level1Telecom lets you improve your businesses efficiency without distracting you from what you do best. Hosted PBX has done wonders for small businesses and huge corporations alike.Our passion for customer service is reflected in our work as well as our customer support


Level1Telecom is committed to providing of its customers with an excellent feature rich experience, but understands not everyone is interested in the bells and whistles. Our Standard Plan includes all the basic features that one expects from a high quality hosted PBX without any frills. Customers looking for additional features can add onto their plan at any time for a flat fee. Level1Telecom’s 611™ line provides customers with an easily accessible customer support line which can be used to solve issues, field questions or upgrade your services any time. We can add new features to your existing plan instantaneously, allowing customers to select from our full range of available services and features whenever they need them.

Our passion for customer service is reflected in our work as well as our customer support. The clever tinkerers at Level1Telecom never stop working to develop new features which can be utilized by all of our customers, regardless of their plan or their hardware. Stay on the cutting edge of telecommunications technology with the help of our dedicated engineers and technicians.